Sell Photography Online - Top Stock Photography Sites

By now you probably have heard that you can sell them images in your camera online.  If this concept is new to you or you just want to learn more then check out: How To Sell Photography Online to get an understanding of how it all works.

To sum it up, all sorts of people want  legal images and are willing to buy them off of these stock photography sites.  These stock sites want you to post your photos online and are willing to pay you for doing so.
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Below is a review of some of these sites:

Shutter Stock:
This is actually a pretty awesome site.  Their business model actually encourages people to download more photos by using a a flat rate subscription service.  Basically, customers pay 1 fee and can download 25 images a day.  This means that your photos are more likely to be downloaded and you make more money.

Click Here to go to Fotolia
Many people complain that stock photography is diminishing the value of quality photos while degrading the actual quality.  Fotalia lets photographers choose the price of their images, and when image sells they give the photographer more than 50% of the cut.

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Istock is a large site with a huge reputation among designers and photographers so placing photos on there is a great way to build your portfolio.  They were recently purchased by Getty Images (another giant in the industry) so your opportunities as a contributor will more than likely expand.)  To start selling on there you have to submit 3 photos, if those photos are rejected you will have the opportunity to submit 3 more.  Going exclusive has its' bonuses as you will receive a much higher payout.

Well, it's my hope that these sites serve you well.  If you have any questions I'll be more than happy to help.  You can reach me at