Basics 101

How Anyone Can Make Awesome Photos
Anyone can make awesome photos.   As with allot of my articles photography basics has to do with 2 main aspects lighting and composition.  In this basic article we will teach you how to harness this to make some awesome photos.

Landscape Photography
Landscape photogrpahy is usually envolves photos of scenery with either (A) No Subject or (B) Where there is a Subeject but he or she does shares equal or lesser importance than the enviroment around him or her. 

Landscape Photography is one of the easiest types of photography to shoot but is also one of the easiest to mess up.  In this article equipment needed, lighting, and compostition needed to make stunning photos.  This is a simple guide and will have you taking stunning photos in no time.

This article is all about wildlife photography and will quickly give you the advice needed to get those awesom shots of deer, elephant, lions, tigers, bears as well as cute bunny rabbits and squirrels.